OnBase Connector Provided This Government Agency A Simple And Secure Scanning Method Across The Entire County!

Kyocera Government Case Study


This county government agency supports approximately 166,000 residents. Although they have done business with an authorized Kyocera dealer for a number of years, the county primarily used competitive devices.


Last year, the county invested in the solution OnBase® by Hyland (“OnBase”) to streamline their manual document process. Their IT department wanted to leverage their investment in the platform throughout the county and encouraged their employees to securely store files in OnBase. As a result, they began to consider the use of MFPs as onramps for scanning to OnBase. A competitor was initially engaged and, although the competitor confirmed that scan integration was possible, it would require custom development that would be expensive and time-consuming to create and test.


During a routine conversation between the county’s technical staff and the authorized Kyocera dealer, scanning to OnBase was discussed. The customer wanted OnBase integration for secure scanning; OnBase authentication with their existing ID badges; and, ultimately, a quality product that would meet the needs of all county departments at an affordable price. The Kyocera business solutions consultant and authorized Kyocera dealer met with the customer and explained that Kyocera’s OnBase Connector would give the county the ability to streamline existing processes, while increasing office productivity. Documents could be easily scanned, properly indexed and imported into OnBase directly from HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs, across the county. With this solution, the county realized that their paper-intensive environment would become an efficient digital workflow, adhering to regulatory requirements by providing an audit trail for documents traditionally stored in hard copy format. All of the county’s prerequisites would be met easily and cost-effectively.


After a successful trial run, the county purchased four Kyocera MFPs, together with four HID card readers and four OnBase Connector licenses for each of the Kyocera devices. In addition, one competitive device will be replaced by a Kyocera a device, monthly. Each new Kyocera MFP will be equipped with the OnBase Connector and HID card reader. All Kyocera hardware and software has been installed and licensed on the initial purchases, and the county’s IT department configured the Connector to interface with the corresponding OnBase server.


The customer is very pleased with the ability to access OnBase on the Kyocera operation panels, which has provided the customer with a simple, consistent and secure method of scanning to OnBase across the entire county…another Kyocera Total Document Solution and satisfied customer!

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KYOCERA Document Solutions America offers an award-winning range of device technology and integrated business process improvement solutions that work together seamlessly. From desktop printers and multifunctional printers to robust color and black & white multifunctional products and business applications, our solutions turn otherwise complex data and document workflows into simple, efficient processes.


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