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Product Overview


The ability to easily scan, store and access hardcopy information, such as presentations, invoices, project plans, and many other documents, are paramount to your business’ success. Loss of these documents or delays in retrieving them is not an option. With on-demand document capture and retrieval capabilities, KYOCERA HomePOINT offers instant document access that your business requires.


With the KYOCERA HomePOINT business application, you now can instantly capture and send documents to your network home folder, while linking with your Active Directory login. KYOCERA HomePOINT makes document scanning and archiving easy. All documents can be digitized without having to install software on local workstations, any special middleware or server add-ons – enabling businesses to further leverage their existing IT infrastructure.


KYOCERA HomePOINT Advanced allows you to scan and send documents to your network home folder or subfolder within it. In addtion, KYOCERA HomePOINT Advanced allows you to browse through subfolders within your network home folder, create new subfolders and even access and print PDF documents that are already in your home folder – eliminating the need to use your PC or workstation to complete the task. For a more streamlined experience, KYOCERA HomePOINT Advanced enables you to use your HID card to login to the application.

With the KYOCERA HomePOINT business applications, you now have an enterprise-wide portal to and from your corporate network home folder. This means increased efficiency in accessing your most important work product – the documents that power your business.

KYOCERA HomePOINT is a trademark of Kyocera.

  • Browse and create sub-folders within your home folder
  • Simplified access to network home folders from any network connected KYOCERA MFP with KYOCERA HomePOINT installed
  • Ensure anytime, anywhere access to your network folder
  • Increase efficiency in accessing important business documents
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure to safeguard document security

General Information

Version 1.0
License type Server
Application type HyPAS Embedded
Software Solutions Category Capture & Distibution
Description KYOCERA HomePOINT Advanced allows users to scan to, browse and print from their network home folder, directly from a HyPAS-enabled KYOCERA MFP.
Device Requirements Network Connected Kyocera HyPAS MFP
Server OS Support Windows Server 2003 SP3, 2003 R2 SP1, 2008 SP2, 2008 R2 SP1, 2012 R2
Client OS Support Windows XP SP3, Vista Pro SP2, 7 SP1
Mobile application No
Language Support English-Spanish
Compatibility All HyPAS Enabled & Capable MFPs

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2552ci/3252ci/3552ci/4052ci/5052ci/6052ci KX Printer Driver User Guide KX Printer Driver Guide 2016.02 1.7 MB OPGUIDE_2552ci-3252ci-4052ci-5052ci-6052ciKXPrinterDriverENOG.pdf 06/06/2016
PCL Barcode Flash Device Support and KYOmulticode Manual v2014-03-13 Feature Overview and Supported devices 2014.3 320.6 kB PCLBarcodeFlashENFEATURE-SUPPORTUMR_2014-03-13.pdf 06/25/2014
KYOCERA HomePOINT Datasheet (PDF) KYOCERA_HomePOINT_Datasheet_Final_June2013.pdf 1 MB KYOCERA_HomePOINT_Datasheet_Final_June2013.pdf 06/18/2013
PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 User's Manual Rev User's Manual for PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 Rev 1.7 MB PCLBarcodeFlashENUMR3.2.03.2013.pdf 05/01/2013
PCL Barcode Flash 3.0/KYOmulticode 1.0 Quick Installation Guide Rev- Quick Installation Guide Rev- 862.5 kB KYOmulticode_1.0-FLASHMLQIGR3.4.03.2013.pdf 05/01/2013
PRESCRIBE Commands Technical Reference Manual - Rev. 4.9 The PRESCRIBE Technical Reference manual is organized into eight chapters. The first four chapters of this manual constitute a tutorial introduction to PRESCRIBE. The rests mainly concern advanced utilities and setup information related to Kyocera Print Controllers. 4.9 6.9 MB PRESCRIBEEN-TEC-REFR4.9.pdf 03/05/2013
PRESCRIBE Commands Command Reference Manual Rev 5.1 Is a PRESCRIBE command reference manual containing a PRESCRIBE Introduction, Command Overview by Function, PRESCRIBE Command details. 5.1 3.8 MB PRESCRIBE-COM-REFR5.1.pdf 03/05/2013
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