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Product Overview


Automating business processes is a key initiative for today’s enterprises. Not only does automation reduce multiple tedious tasks, it also increases accuracy and productivity, and helps boost profitability. Enterprise-level organizations process vast amounts of data each day, and it is here that accuracy and streamlining the processes through automation is most critical. Kyocera DMConnect Pro is a sophisticated capture and distribution business application with forms recognition that intelligently powers document capture, processes, routes, and helps enterprises stay efficient, while strengthening their bottom line.

DMConnect Pro enables organizations to scan documents using 2D Barcode capabilities, eliminating human error associated with the manual entry of data, thus increasing productivity. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and Forms Recognition feature interpret the type of document that was scanned, (invoice, Excel spreadsheet, etc.) and extract only the essential information from the scanned document type.

Captured information can be easily dispersed throughout the enterprise, while providing secure access to vital information to enhance workflow productivity. DMConnect Pro can integrate with active directory for added security at the MFP, with the addition of Kyocera’s Card Authentication Kit. Once their ID is swiped through the card reader, the organization’s identification credentials can be used to manage access. In addition, the Excel data lookup feature enables users to search information in a selected database, easily accessing information, such as a customer’s email address. This allows for quick and easy document routing and eliminates the need to manually scroll through an entire database.

As an example, logistics companies are among large enterprises that utilize 2D Barcodes (PDF417 Two Dimensional Symbol 2D Barcode). They employ high-density symbology, enabling the company to encode large amounts of data into the 2D Barcode, which will travel with the package. The barcodes are printed on packing slips at the MFP, which automates delivering and tracking services.

  • Forms recognition allows data to be extracted automatically without manual indexing
  • 2D barcode supports ability to read data from QR and PDF417 codes which enhances data extraction capabilities
  • Data validation on the MFP panel allows users to validate OCR data after scanning to eliminate errors
  • MS Excel-based data lookup feature allows users to easily search for documents based on criteria in captured fields

General Information

Version 2.0
License type Device
Application type HyPAS Embedded
Software Solutions Category Capture & Distibution
Description DMConnect provides extensive routing capabilities that help increase employee productivity, eliminating manual processes and duplication. Sharing information across multiple destinations in a single process enhances staff collaboration, while improving customer service.
Device Requirements Network Connected Kyocera HyPAS MFP
Server OS Support Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
Client OS Support Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10
Mobile application No
Language Support English-Spanish
Compatibility All HyPAS Enabled & Capable MFPs

Product Resources & Support Downloads


DMConnect for Enterprise

Title Description Version File Size File Name OS Type Date
DMConnect Pro Spec Sheet (Jan. 2018 Edition) 891.1 kB DMConnect-Pro-Spec-Sheet-Jan-2018.pdf 01/24/2018
2552ci/3252ci/3552ci/4052ci/5052ci/6052ci KX Printer Driver User Guide KX Printer Driver Guide 2016.02 1.7 MB OPGUIDE_2552ci-3252ci-4052ci-5052ci-6052ciKXPrinterDriverENOG.pdf 06/06/2016
PCL Barcode Flash Device Support and KYOmulticode Manual v2014-03-13 Feature Overview and Supported devices 2014.3 320.6 kB PCLBarcodeFlashENFEATURE-SUPPORTUMR_2014-03-13.pdf 06/25/2014
PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 User's Manual Rev User's Manual for PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 Rev 1.7 MB PCLBarcodeFlashENUMR3.2.03.2013.pdf 05/01/2013
PCL Barcode Flash 3.0/KYOmulticode 1.0 Quick Installation Guide Rev- Quick Installation Guide Rev- 862.5 kB KYOmulticode_1.0-FLASHMLQIGR3.4.03.2013.pdf 05/01/2013
PRESCRIBE Commands Technical Reference Manual - Rev. 4.9 The PRESCRIBE Technical Reference manual is organized into eight chapters. The first four chapters of this manual constitute a tutorial introduction to PRESCRIBE. The rests mainly concern advanced utilities and setup information related to Kyocera Print Controllers. 4.9 6.9 MB PRESCRIBEEN-TEC-REFR4.9.pdf 03/05/2013
PRESCRIBE Commands Command Reference Manual Rev 5.1 Is a PRESCRIBE command reference manual containing a PRESCRIBE Introduction, Command Overview by Function, PRESCRIBE Command details. 5.1 3.8 MB PRESCRIBE-COM-REFR5.1.pdf 03/05/2013
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