Great Wealth, Great Generosity

The generosity of successful, high-profile business leaders can have a major impact on our world. Not only can they benefit society directly through donations, programs and support, but their actions can also spur the generosity of those around them – employees, colleagues, customers, friends, even their competitors – creating a ripple effect of good will. And on a purely business-practical level, it can improve their public profile, helping them to attract more clients and customers.
A leader’s example sets the tone for their company’s culture. Their positive actions and altruistic spirit become woven into the fabric of their brand, revealing the humanity behind the corporate image, allowing for an authentic connection with clients and customers, encouraging loyalty.
Such generosity and heart motivate employees as well, boosting morale and increasing employee engagement, both important factors in defining success.
Here is a look at three of the world’s most successful business innovators, and how they’re leveraging their fortunes to the benefit of others:

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, whose fortune of $85.7 billion makes him one of the world’s richest people, is well known for his philanthropy. Gates is frequently involved in charitable giving, having founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which aims to enhance healthcare and reduce poverty. His recent donation of 64 million Microsoft shares is the largest charitable gift made anywhere in the world in the year 2017.

Richard Branson

This founder of Virgin, worth $5.4 billion, is no stranger to philanthropy. Having founded Virgin Unite, which supports a number of different charities and causes, Richard Branson has pledged to give away half his fortune to those in need.

Li Ka-Shing

Global investor in disruptive technology Li Ka-Shing is one of the richest people in Asia with a net worth of $24.4 billion. He has made personal donations to the China Foundation for Disabled Persons, supported flood-victim relief in his home country, and is the founder of the Li Ka-shing Foundation to support education, healthcare and community-related causes.

This article was originally published in Eureka.


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