Kyocera's HyPAS™ platform is unique in that it offers both Java™-based and Web Services-based Software Development Kits (SDKs). This "hybrid" approach provides a more open and flexible developer environment, one that enables advanced integration with systems that are already implemented in your enterprise.

Java™-enabled Business Apps

Java™ is a programming language commonly used for mobile applications, such as cell-phones, and also supports embed apps within the document imaging device itself. By embedding Java™ apps within Kyocera MFPs, the device's existin be extended with more advanced, feature-rich, server-less capabilities, delivering seamless integration and superior system control. Using Java™ programming language, the Kyocera MFP can communicate with custom or proprietary business apps, as well as Web Services-enabled apps.

Web Services-enabled Business Apps

By adopting industry-standard protocols, such as SOAP/XML, HyPAS™ Web Services offers programmers a developer-friendly environment. Web Services business apps provide system integrators with flexibility and interoperability because they can be implemented on a wide range of platforms, using almost any programming language. In addition, using Web Services SDKs, Kyocera MFPs can communicate with other advanced hardware devices which are Web Services-enabled devices, such as Apple's iPhone or iPod touch.